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Elías Querejeta Film School is a postgraduate centre offering high-level specialist professional courses. It is the perfect place for those wishing to explore film and new professions from both an experienced-based and intellectual perspective. As a centre of cinematographic ideas and innovation, it is vital that all those participating in the project be fully committed and engaged, with a mature outlook. The profile of both the faculty and the student body is international.



Student profile

The EQZE syllabus is designed for students with or in the process of earning a university degree (undergraduate degree), or those who have graduated from film school. Under exceptional circumstances, the school will consider accepting candidates who, while not meeting the aforementioned criteria, can nevertheless provide proof of sufficient professional experience in the world of film. The intake for each specialist course is limited to 15 students.



Admissions deadlines

The admissions period for the 2020-2021 academic year will start on 1 February.




Applications can only be submitted by completing the form available on the website.

To apply for a place at the school, candidates should proceed as follows:

1. In addition to providing all their personal and academic details, candidates should indicate which specialist course they wish to apply for, in order of preference. The school will take this order of preference into consideration, but may occasionally invite candidates to enrol on a different course.

2. The following documents should be submitted along with the application form

  - Brief biography (see examples)

  - Curriculum vitae.

  - Degree certificate or academic transcripts.

  - Motivational letter or video.

  - Portfolio

  - ll candidates must submit a brief report outlining the personal project they would like to develop during the course. The approach, format and genre of this creative project is left to the candidate's discretion.

Candidates may also submit any other materials they deem relevant.

After all documents and proposals submitted along with their application have been assessed, candidates may be called for an interview (either face-to-face or online).



Decisions regarding applications

Applications will be assessed by the Academic Management and the admissions panel appointed for that purpose.

Places may be awarded up until the end of the admissions period.

The intake for each specialist course is limited to 15 students, up to a total of 45.

The definitive list of successful candidates will be published in June. Decisions will be communicated to each applicant by e-mail.




Once admitted onto the course, successful candidates will have one week to confirm their acceptance of the place being offered.

After accepting their place, they must then submit the following documents within the space of 15 days:

1. Students from countries outside the European Higher Education Area whose degrees are not officially recognised in Spain must complete and sign the UPV/EHU's E-5 form and submit it alongside a scanned copy of their degree certificate and academic transcripts.

2. Students who do not have a university degree must complete and sign the UPV/EHU’s Form II, and submit it alongside proof of those qualifications providing access to a university degree (Baccalaureate certificate, for example). They must also provide proof of their professional experience (including their social security records).

3. A certified copy of the qualification providing access to the school.

* All documents must be translated into Spanish (except those originally in French, English, Italian or Portuguese).

Students will be sent all the information they will need to formalise their enrolment, including payment methods and deadlines.

Admission to the EQZE will only become effective once the established deposit has been paid within the stated deadline and the aforementioned documents have been duly submitted.

Formalisation of enrolment implies acceptance of the syllabus. 




Enrolment for the 2021-2022 academic year costs €3,900 (this includes university administration and management costs, insurance and fees).



Further information

If you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at: or by telephone on: T. (+34) 943 545 005