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Cinema as a medium, film as a medium

Anonymous cinema between magic and science

Cinema as a medium, film as a medium: anonymous cinema between magic and science

Archeology of Neurological Films: The Vincenzo Neri's Archive. Simone Venturini


Night Story. Aita Laburu's cinema. Oier Etxeberria

José Antonio Laburu Olascoaga (1887-1972), known as Aita (father) Laburu was one of the first documentary makers in Basque cinema. His films about magical rites in folk medicine and perceptual experiments on animals and his interest in zoos and psychiatric detention centres constitute a substantial legacy for visual anthropology and, undoubtedly, show an intellectual (theologian, physician, writer...) who was interested in investigating the dark areas of rational and scientific thought.


The Ophthalmologic Films of Dr. Ignasi Barraquer. Paula Arantzazu Ruiz

Between about 1916 and 1917, Dr. Ignasi Barraquer made a number of films in Barcelona recording his new technique for operating on cataracts: phacoeresis. The images provided support in conferences and lectures, but they also illustrated academic papers and sales brochures. The aesthetic implications of these documentaries exceed the value of their iconographic rhetoric by incorporating the cinematographer in the operating room and because many of these images will know a second life in the context of popular and avant-garde cinema.