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A Canterbury Tale

Santos Zunzunegui

Tabakalera | Cinema - Screen 1

14/01/2021 - 18:00

  • Conference
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Santos Zunzunegui




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November 21, saturday

18:00 Conference: Santos Zunzunegui

19:00 A Canterbury Tale (Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, UK, 1944, 124 min.)

‘A Canterbury Tale’ is not a sermon - it is a story about an old custom. Over five hundred years ago Chaucer wrote his poems about the pilgrims he saw making their way to St Thomas A Beckett’s shine in Ceterbury Cathedral, where they went to seek a blessing or to do penance. Through the stories of four modern pilgrims we see that the tradition and spirit of A Canterbury Tale is unchanged. A Country court judge comes to do penance for a troubled conscience after making great mistakes. An American soldier, who in trying to trace his acnestory finds Canterbury and his blessing. A young woman whose wartime romances tragically ended in bombing raid, finds a blessing and a frustrated musician, with a desire to play the catherdrals mighty organ: His wish is granted.