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EQZE promotes its research output

The school has incorporated four new international projects into its catalogue


New approaches to feminist cinema, the conservation of film archives and Basque cinema are added to the research projects devoted to Andrei Tarkovsky and the San Sebastian Film Festival. A collection of digital publications will take a fresh look at Basque cinema and audiovisuals. Students will actively take part in these international projects, the results of which will be made public in various formats

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The fourth edition of Ikusmira Berriak has started

During the six weeks that the residencies last, the five filmmakers will undertake their projects at Tabakalera


This fourth annual edition will be the last one under Ikusmira Berriak's current structure. The next edition will be divided into two stays: one in February and one in September. The call for the fifth edition, which will be held in accordance with the new model, will close on the 31st. In October, the five selected projects will be unveiled.

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The 45 places on offer for the 2018-2019 Course were filled

EQZE concluded the registration process for its first course for which it received a total of 113 applications from around the world


The students are made up of 60% women and 40% men. 10 come from the Basque Autonomous Community, 17 from the rest of Spain and 18 from abroad (11 from Latin America). EQZE will have foreign  students from Andorra, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Serbia, Thailand, Ukraine and Venezuela. The average age is 29 years old.

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Ikusmira Berriak has become a dual-period residency

So that the film-makers get as much as possible out of the residency, it will be split into two periods, with one in February and one in September.


Residents will develop their projects for four weeks between February and March, during which they will attend workshops for film-makers and directors and will be advised by members of the expert committee. From March to September, the directors will continue working on their project with online tutoring from the experts, and then in September they will return to San Sebastian.

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Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola joins the Ikusmira Berriak programme

The inclusion of EQZE as a residency programme partner allows the number of offerings selected to increase from four to five


The selection committee, which is comprised of members from the Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture, the San Sebastian Film Festival and, for the first time, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, has selected from Manuel Abramovich, Grigory Kolomytsev, Elena López Riera, Arantza Santesteban, and Nele Wohlatz out of the 155 offerings received from 31 countries.

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Tarkovski's examination of other directors' cinema under study

The second session of the "Lost lessons" aims to revive the way in which the director stimulates and guides future filmmakers


The assistants will hear observations about Bergman, Bresson, Iosseliani, Kozintsev, the Lumière brothers, Parajanov and others. Amongst all of them, particular attention will be paid to Tarkovski's observations about Luis Buñuel's cinema. Julen Abasolo, Cristina Álvarez, Pilar Carrera, Xabier Erkizia, Till Fellner, Giuseppe Lanci, Adrian Martin and José Manuel Mouriño will take part in this event.

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