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EQZE is taking part in Cinema en curs, a structural programme for primary and secondary schools on film pedagogy that started in 2005. 

Zinema (h)abian - Cinema en curs is an international programme from the association A Bao A Qu developed in the Basque Country by Tabakalera and Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola. This is a structural programme for primary and secondary schools on film pedagogy. The programme started in 2005 in Catalonia and is currently run in Galicia, Madrid, the Basque Country, Argentina, Chile and Germany.

The programme has two main goals: fostering the discovery of cinema, understood as art, creation and culture, by children and young people and developing the pedagogical potential of cinematographic creation in an educational context.

Zinema (h)abian - Cinema en curs has four main strands: 

1. The regular and continuous presence of film makers in schools to run workshops alongside teachers during school hours.

2. Articulation of the discovery of cinematic art using a methodology which closely ties creative practice with watching films. 

3. Teacher training. 

4. Construction of the project as a laboratory for applied research: a space for reflection and experimentation. Based on the analysis of the workshop experiences, the team of film makers and teachers generate proposals, materials and methodologies which can be applied to different teaching contexts.

You can follow here the development of the project at Oriarte Institutua (Gipuzkoa).