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Agreement between the Provincial Council and the UPV/EHU to turn EQZE into an official university centre

UPV/EHU will recognise the current postgraduate degrees in Archives, Curation and Creation as official Master’s degrees


According to the agreement, the UPV/EHU will recognise the current postgraduate degrees as official Master’s degrees. While working in collaboration with the UPV/EHU, the school will retain complete autonomy, with its current pedagogic project unchanged. The period for applying for a place on the courses starts this Friday, 1 February, and ends 31 May.

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Students at the EQZE to help plan the films to be screen in Tabakalera

This month sees the start of 'Eskolatik', a cycle rooted in a process of reflection and debate regarding film programming


'Eskolatik' is a twofold initiative, since it is both a window onto the Elías Querejeta Film School (EQZE) and a programme  that emerges from that very school. Once a month throughout the academic year, students at the EQZE will programme a session at the Tabakalera cinema, during which they will screen films linked to their syllabus, their work as filmmakers and their concerns and interests regarding the art of filmmaking.

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The director of the Cannes Festival and the future director of the Berlinale to participate in a seminar organised by EQZE and the San Sebastian Festival

The programme will be attended by Thierry Frémaux, Vincent Maraval, Carlo Chatrian, Javier Martín and Xabier Paya


The purpose of the Seminar of Criticism and Analysis Sessions is to provide students at the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola with tools, as well as a certain perspective, for defining their professional lives after studying at the school. The event, organised by the EQZE and the San Sebastian Festival, will have the participation of professionals and specialists from different industry spheres.

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